We focus on the natural resources available and design a geothermal system that fits your needs. We know there is no one size fits all. A design that will reduce energy consumption and save real money.

We are different than most Geothermal design companies, we do not own an installation company. We provide you the best economical energy saving solution. With our proven design plans and knowledge you can move forward to do it yourself, all or in part, and/or contact several installers, this approach allows you to get the best price. We do have a list of geothermal installers you can call if you wish.

Geothermal Designs offers full range of geothermal system solutions. While our main focus is designing geothermal systems for residential or commercial applications, we also design retrofit HVAC systems and design solutions for geothermal ground loop systems that are no longer cooling effectively.

Our team of geothermal consultants, engineers, and project designers offer innovative system designs by utilizing the natural resources available to create the most energy efficient systems.

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Geothermal Not Cooling - Quick & Easy Solution

This Evaporative Subcooling Tower will correct and solve any geothermal not cooling (hot loop) properly. Over time some geothermal ground loops fail. We have seen where the ground has retain the heat and unable cool effectively. Installing our Evaporative Subcooling Tower into the Geothermal Loop and your problem will be solved.

This product solution is designed for any geothermal ground loop. The Evaporative Subcooling Tower will require 220v. wiring for the fan and the pump. You must supply water to the tower and connect to our stainless steel flex 3/4 female fitting. The Loop in/outlets are 1 1/2 PVC male slip joint fittings.

Quick and easy solution guaranteed to work!

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This will Solve your Hot Loop problem.


Plus will also restore the ground Loop to normal.

This package includes:


One ThermCo Evaporative Subcooling Tower.

1 Residential Tower

Component Housing & Control Panel.

One Water Pump for Tower.

Designed for Hot Loop Application




3 Sizes Available

Designs To Handle Multiple Units