We are different than most Geothermal design companies, we do not own an installation company. We provide you the best economical energy saving solution. With our proven design plans and knowledge you can move forward to do it yourself, all or in part, and/or contact several geothermal installers, this approach allows you to get the best price. We do have a list of geothermal installers you can call if you wish.

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The loop or transfer coil is usually placed at depths of at least 8 ft to get well below possible freezing. Coils of pipe are usually connected together on skids and pulled into the water. A Heat Transfer Coil is usually designed on a skid or frame and is also pulled out into the water. Then a trench is dug leading to the building then burying the exposed pipe.

Hybrid Geothermal Loop

Lake & Pond

If you have access to a Lake or Pond you are very fortunate. These geothermal loops are the most simple to design and are relatively the cheapest to install. Water, in most all regions, remains relatively the best energy exchanger and works well because the very high conductivity of water compensates for the cool or warm temperature.

Most pond and lake coils are bundled together and placed on the bottom. With new technology there are several other submersible coil designs. These new designs are built to the size needed. More compact and made of different materials gives a greater energy transfer.

These new designs in Geothermal Water Heat Exchanger coils together with the new designed heat pump systems makes one of the best energy saving Heating and Air Conditioning systems available. These smaller designed coils can handle multiple spilt systems with just one coil.

For swimming pool applications see: Retro Fit Solutions

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Swimming Pools may also be used to heat and cool by utilizing a water cooling tower to assist. Very energy efficient way to help heat your pool for free and save energy.

With new technology and today's new filter systems you can pump water from a river, lake, or pond and purge it back. The old generation was called pump and dump, but had poor filter designs. New designed filter can be found at Thermco Energy Systems.