We are different than most Geothermal design companies, we do not own an installation company. We provide you the best economical energy saving solution. With our proven design plans and knowledge you can move forward to do it yourself, all or in part, and/or contact several geothermal installers, this approach allows you to get the best price. We do have a list of geothermal installers you can call if you wish.

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We have several simple solutions to solve most geothermal hot loops. Utilizing an evaporative cooling tower can restore the geothermal system back to its original design. In most cases even enhance the efficiency.

A geothermal hot loop or stops cooling properly occurs when a ground source heat sink becomes inadequate. The original design fails to cool properly in most cases. This technology has been used for years and over those years mother nature is doing its job, retaining the heat.

Here is one of our cures: Carefree Research House

Many geothermal loops over time have become over heated causing the loops to stop cooling efficiently. These are known as hot loops. Geothermal Designs has successfully restored these systems without adding more ground loops.

Geothermal Hot Loops

Even though geothermal energy is a renewable energy source because the water is replenished by rainfall and the heat is continuously produced inside the earth, the ground just below the surface retains a constant temperature. But over time in some cases there is not enough time between seasons for the adjustment to occur and the geothermal ground loop stays warm. In some cases this will result in poor geographic installation locations.

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